Detox Diet Challenge – GM Diet Day One

Sorry for being off the radar. I found a detox diet, which surprisingly works for many of them. So I decided to take up this challenge and started it yesterday. It’s a week diet plan. Wait!! I haven’t told you guys the name. It’s called GM Diet / General Motors Diet. I’ll put the link at the bottom of the post.

Day One – Fruits And Only Fruits. (No Bananas)

Breakfast – A Cup Of Musk Melon.

Mid Morning Snack – A Cup Of Papaya.

Lunch – A Cup Of Watermelon + Muskmelon.

Dinner – A Bowl – A Slice of Papaya+ A Slice Of Watermelon + One Kiwi.

Water – 8 Glasses.

End of the day I felt tired and weak but woke up fresh and early this morning. The key to successfully complete the first day is to drink a lot of water.

Lost 1kg / 2.2 lb.

Link: GM Diet


Happy Dieting.

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