GM Diet – Day Six – Mixture.

Feb 2nd 2013. A very beautiful morning. Day six and almost nearing the end of the GM Diet. The day went well and no cravings or any kinda negativity. Since it was a day of a mixture , I had to balance the intake. I had a lot of fruits though.

Breakfast – Cottage Cheese And Tomatoes Tossed In Hot Olive Oil.

Sorry about the blur!

Lunch – Lil Gravy In A Bowl (Soya Nuggets + Peas +Carrots + Spices)

Dinner – Musk Melon-ness.

Water – 8 Glasses.

Went grocery shopping and bought brown rice and few other stuff. Found a dove product – Dove Elixir. Will review it soon. I haven’t found it anywhere outside India.

So far the diet has been good to me and I feel light and easy.

Stay Tuned.


Happy Dieting.

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