GM Diet – Day Three.

Day three was a mixture.Woke up tired and lazy and yaa!! active by evening.A package arrived and I ended up unboxing it late at night.Hmm!!! Pretty personal.Then I got a manicure done at home.Watched a movie ,checked out few videos on YouTube,read few blog posts and went grocery shopping.I had a tough time with sleep last night, I woke up every now and then until 4:30 this morning.Anyways let me move on to the diet part now.

What I Ate?!?!

Breakfast – Mixed Fruit Salad (Oranges + Watermelon).

Lunch – A Cup Of Boiled Veggies (Peas + Carrot+ Squash)

Evening – A Huge Slice/Piece Of Water Melon.

Dinner – Too Many Slices Of Musk Melon.

Mid Day & Afternoon Snack – Oranges.

Water – 8 Glasses.

Overall , I enjoyed day three.No sign of weakness or tiredness but had trouble with sleep.I lost 3 kilograms / 6.6 pounds.So happy that it works , wish I reach my target.


Happy Dieting.

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