GM Diet Works – Day Seven! – The Brown Rice And The Bomb.

I just realized that “Day Seven” wasn’t updated. Day Seven – Feb 3rd 2013. What was I doing on 3rd?!?!?! Hmmm!!?!?! Thinking .. 5 mins flew… Got it!! My baby cousin had come home with her mum and dad. Boy!! she is growing faster. It was a cooking spree with the fam bam arrival.

Breakfast And Snack – Coffee Cup Filled With Papaya.

Lunch & Dinner – 

Here I used the organic brown rice.

Water – 8 Glasses.


I Lost 5 kilograms / 11 pounds. Checked my weight this morning and it there wasn’t gain after the diet. After the diet, I wasn’t snacking on junkies but I did go to Haagen Dazs with boo, my birthday cake and some crackers. No cravings too. Overall, this diet plan or detox diet is a bomb and is working. All you have to do is just stick to the diet plan, don’t cheat and drinking a lot of water.


Happy Dieting.

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