My Life Update! Hoping For Some Pink!

Hello, My Lovely Readers!

It’s been quite a long time since I last posted on my blog. Lots to update. So let me start with the losses and negatives.

Last year in December when I was at the Lagoona Mall fashion week, I got a call from my uncle, and he gave us the most unexpected news. My grandmother (My dad’s mom) passed away. I’m still immature when it comes to handling death related news. I just can’t cry or express my feelings. I happen to freeze the whole time till the air gets cleared up. This time I was feeling a lot of stress and being the first child of the family, I had to man up and take care of many things along with my other brothers. Thanx to my baby brother, boy you pulled me up every time I was drowning. So the whole family flew down to our home country, and we had to come across a lot of obstacles before we all could fly back to Qatar and start our routine life.

It was then I did learn a big lesson about “LIFE & TIME.” You just can’t predict or assume the near future based on the current situation, anything, anything can change no matter what. You can’t postpone or prepone things. Don’t expect anything or plan anything because no one knows what’s in store. It takes a fraction of second to gain or lose anything in your life. I did plan a lot of things before this incident, and then everything crashes down, and I lost it. It took me months to recover from my grandmother’s death and start looking into my life. I should say that I totally did man up then but days after when everyone was back into their routine I was left stranded.

I flew back to Qatar with my family and got way too stressed. A month later I flew to India for vacay and business, but unfortunately, it turned out to be a medical trip. I screwed it up with my lower back spine. So I rush to the hospital and then they recommended few physio sessions which really really didn’t help me until I decided to get back to the GYM with a physiotherapist and physical trainer. After all the mess, I guess God had decided to shower some blessings. So I joined this Gym called “SLAM.” Honestly, they have the best physiotherapist. This man helped me to get out from this intolerable pain in just two weeks, and I was able to bend down with ease after the 4th week. I had the most excruciating pain ever, and my body restricted me from walking, seriously guys I wasn’t able to walk. Luckily I happened to find this gym near the place I was staying. Since then I had decided to workout under his instructions. Compare to all my gym experience; I should say that this one is the “BEST.” The best physiotherapist I have come across. Next week I’ll be joining a gym in Khor or somewhere midway to Khor. Hoping to revive my Mind, Body, and Soul.

During my stay in India, My baby pebbles fluff was hit by an SUV while crossing the road. His lower jaw got dislocated, and the vet said that he has to undergo surgery immediately and it would cost 15,000 QR, and it would take six months to heal and his survival aftermath is going to bring him down eventually. My family was given five mins to decide between the surgery or permanently put him to sleep. So my family decided to put him to sleep. My family hid the whole incident, and they decided to lie to me. Mom calls and tells me that pebbles ran away and since then every day, I would call my mom and ask whether he is back until she decides to tell me the truth. One fine day she tells me the whole story, and I’m all down, and I start crying like crazy, and I don’t eat or talk to anyone for like two days. Then I go online to check out Cats For Adoption In Qatar to find out whether I could adopt a kitty similar to My pebbles fluff and name him pebbles junior. I was soo soo sooo attached to him; I just couldn’t accept the truth that he is gone forever. So this would be the first time, me crying over a death

Ginger Fluff on the left and Pebbles Fluff on the right.

A few days later, My Ginger Fluff gives birth to four kittens, they wouldn’t come anywhere near me, but I manage to take few pics and touch one of them.

Chocolate Box From ITC Grand Chola. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to pick up few boxes before my return.

Streets be like this in Puducherry/Pondicherry.

I missed a lot of happening in Qatar. The Lagoona Mall fashion week, QIFF 2017, The opening of Doha Festival City, The soft opening of Al Hazm and the list goes on. I would just scroll through Instagram to view them all. Anyways everything happens for a reason, and I’m happy to be back. I’ll be working on a secret project very soon; fingers crossed hope me and my team come out in flying colors.

I have become an addict to Jo Malone. I visited the Jo Malone store at Villagio with one of my friend who had come down to Doha for two days; I had to trick him to get the scent he did like because he wouldn’t let me gift him anything. So I happily deceived him and ended up getting the “154”. He didn’t realize that I had gifted it to him until I left the spot leaving behind the Jo Malone bag.

He calls me up, and he was like

He: ” Sis, something went wrong!!!!”

Me: What happened?!?! Should I come back?

He: “You left your Jo Malone Sis.”

Me: “That’s for you, Sorry I had to trick you.”

He: ” (Surprisingly Clueless) OMG!! Damn! It’s the best surprise in a long time. Thank you so much. Bless you and your family girl.”

Me: ” That’s fine bro! I’m happy that I did surprise you. Have a safe journey! Bye”

He: “Bye.”

Sometimes the best feeling is when you gift someone a unique gift. I love the happiness out of gifting, something truly unexplainable. The way they react, the smile on their face and it goes on…

Yesterday, I did decide to go to the “Doha Festival City.” Window shopped around had my favorite waffle at Wafflemeister and in the end, I go to the Jo Malone Store. My Kinda Heaven. Check out the unboxing video on my Instagram profile or below.

Will be visiting the store again to surprise my baby brother next week on his B’day.

I guess I have half way updated about my happenings.

To keep updated follow me on Instagram. I’m way more active and alive there.

Anyways Bye my loves

See Y’all Soon.



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