Nail Art

#NailArt – Do It Yourself – Blue Green Love.

You Will Need

1.Clean Nails – Dirt/Oil Free Nails

2.Two Green Shades (Hot Green – Orly, Go On Green –OPI).

3.Two Blue Shades (Fly –OPI, Baby Blue – POP).

4.Sponge Or Any Sponge Alternative.

5.Q-Tip or Brush.

6.Nail Polish Remover.

7.Base Coat & Top Coat.



You want to have your nails clean. Oil and Dirt free nails. Get a manicure done

Lets Start The Creative Work Now.

Apply the base coat let it dry for few minutes. Then you want to apply the baby blue shade. Apply two coats. Let it air dry.

Take a dry dish and a little amount of these nail polishes in order.

1) Baby Blue Shade.

2) Fly Shade.

3) Go On Green Shade.

4) Hot Green Shade.

Then you want to take a dry sponge and roll it over the pattern and dab the sponge on your nails. You would get the “OmbreNails”. You’re not done yet. Time to clean up.

Take a Q-Tip/Clean Brush and dip the Q-Tip/Brush in the remover.Wipe/Brush away the nail polish around your nails.

Then you want to finish/seal the style with a topcoat. So your Blue Green Love stays longer.

Happy Polishing


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