HAUL!!!!!!! Shopping Is Such A Heavenly Thing It Makes Every Girl Addicted!!

Product Listing!First Comes First!!! (1)

Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

Ok!! Yaa!!! Fine Fine!!! I do love this product its like a nicey exfoliation at home at a very less cost. Just 20$ That’s quiet a deal.There are these minute beads which remove the dead cells and smooths the skin and the best part is it makes your skin look radiant.I’m not joking it does work for me.I have a sensitive skin which breaks out randomly!! yaaa “Randomly”!!! But My advice is to not use it when you breakout.

Tea Tree Oil

Nature’s Gift for Acne/Blemish prone skin….A few drops on the oil on a blemish would heal it soon.Can be applied before the make up and during the nights before sleep.I prefer doing it in the nights because skin works magical during the nights.. you girls know what I mean.. but never never never sleep with your make up on or sleep with an uncleaned face, Because it’s the root cause for an acne to pop up on your lovely skin.All this at the cost of 8$ .This is a must buy and must have in the beauty closet as well as the medicine cabinet.

It moisturizes Well Enough But its toooooooo tooooooo oily and greasy kinda thingy.I shouldn’t have bought this.Never Mind I use this as hand cream.Heavy on the face.I would never buy this again.But maybe for the hands ya I would buy it.Bottom line it’s not my type of night cream. I wasted 20$… Wish I bought something else. darn!!! Moving To The Second One!!! Ok Number Two (2)

Colourglide Ship Lip Colour

I Just love it .. it glides smoothly like a butter stick.My lips feel so moisturized and cute!! i would buy them over and over again but different colours.It’s an amazing one.. You know what just buy it!!!  . And It costed me around 12$ and odd.

Another word for this product proper proper word is ” Lipgloss” it’s thick and long lasting.I bought the juicy peach and cherry gummer.yummy!!! taste sweet…  must buy though. I carry it in my handbag everyday.8$ each.

Yummy!!! Its Sweet and at times I wet my lips to taste it!! lol just kidding. It just melts on the lips.Must have for the winter..bought it for 5$Thirdly (3)

Blush Brush and  EyeShadow Blender Brush (18 $ and  24 $)

The blush brush is kind of rough..  I mean its irritating on the skin.I guess its made of some harsh synthetic material.Its like all pokey pokey on the skin. The eyeshadow blender brush is better. It’s ok! but i wouldn’t recommend people to buy this brush.It blends ok.

It can be used on the cheeks and eyes.I bought the blush range.The color is elegant and clean and cool!! Mix the colors together to get a cool and cute look at the cost of 22$.Fourthly!! (4)

Super Volume Mascara

“Water proof” Yaa!!! that’s nice. “Volumizing” look Yes!!! Would I buy it again Yes! No! Maybe! I’m not sure. The lashes get lumped up together and it looks awful at times. Need to apply it once and wait for it to dry for like 15 minutes and then u can wear your sunglasses or your eyeglasses but is gives that intense black shade to your lashes if and only if you apply it once all at the cost of 15$.The worst part is you can’t  reapply it ,You tend to do that then you lose you can’t achieve the look you want.

Bought the black one and it doesn’t give me that powerful intense  black shade.It gives me the dull black shade.Sometimes it’s hard to apply it over an eyeshadow. At times I prefer using them just over an eye primer for the natural look.This eyeliner can be used for a natural and cool look but not for all that glitter look and hot look!!.I would buy it again because I prefer the natural look always.Purchased it for 13$

Can be used on the water line. but not on the eye lids.I mean that I haven’t achieved the look I wanted with this pencil. but this promises to give that pure black colour.It opens my eyes.Its nice. I would use it if i had nothing with me.I wouldn’t buy it again because this one smudges like crazy! This cost like around 11$ odd.

Awww!!!! I’m in love with this one.It’s soo friendly to my face and exfoliates well enough can be used with any face wash. I suggest that never exfoliate too much because after each exfoliation skin needs to generate back to normal and it needs times.I suggest exfoliating once in three days or two days. Must have in the skin care cabinet.Happy Shopping!!!