I have been receiving a lot of views for this one blog post “Just Bought” – Wallet Designed By Amanda Suarez . So I have decided to give you guys a total insight on this beautiful looking wallet which totally deceived me on arrival.

Unsure Reasons:

*Was Stored In A Hot Room That The Glue Melted Down Or
*Was Not Given Any Care Or
*The Desert Heat Just Killed My Wallet.

Fell for the quilted design and patent faux leather (My bad). A perfect example for “Seeing Is Deceiving” .

Here Starts The Disappointment.

The button broke sooo sooo soon.(3 months of use).

It has started to tear and peel. On arrival, few areas were a little peeled (guess it is because of the heat in the warehouse).

Melted glue.How horrible can it be?!?! *heart broken*

Overall Not Worth The Buy!!!!!!!!

Hope This Helped.